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AOR Life Insurance Brokers and Home Insurance Brokers, Dublin and Cavan, Ireland


Best Specialist Life Insurance Broker Cover

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Have you ever stopped to think about what would happen to your family or loved ones after you are no longer around to provide for them? Irish Life Insurance brokers, Mortgage Protection, Serious Illness & Income Protection is a product that pays a lump sum to your family or loved ones in the unfortunate event of your death or protects your income in the event of redundancy or illness leave.

Taking out a life cover policy from life brokers is the best thing you can do to provide for those close to you and ensure they are taken care of after you are gone. The cash lump sum payment can be used to clear outstanding bills, mortgage debt and relieve financial pressures for loved ones.

Irish life assurance is available in the form of living benefits policies which provide regular income payments to individuals who can no longer work or earn a living due to injuries and other life-threatening illnesses such as cancer. Using a life insurance broker to source a suitable policy will give your family peace of mind in the difficult time of your death as they grieve your passing and begin to determine the way forward. Our Life Insurance Broker specialist service is tailored for all particular life insurance requirement scenarios.


Best Private, Personal Motor Car

Getting the best Private Motor Car quote in Dublin can be a quite complicated and frustrating experience given the large volume of companies providing this type of cover in Ireland today. Looking for the best provider can be an uphill and stressful task, particularly if you do not have considerable knowledge of the industry and the types of policy available.

There are three common types of motor / car cover on the market to choose from, namely Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft and Full Comprehensive policies.

It is important to make sure that you choose the right cover right from the start. Third party cover gives you the most basic form of cover, covering any damage your car causes to other people and their property. It does not however cover damage to your own car. The second type of car cover, Third Party Fire and Theft covers not only the damage your car causes to others but also allows you to seek compensation for damage to your car resulting from fire or theft. The third and best type of car policy is a Fully Comprehensive. This type of policy provides complete cover for theft, fire and damage to your car as well covering damage your car causes on a third party in the event of an accident.


Farm, Agricultural, Tractors

Statistically, farming is one of the key sectors of production most prone to accidents, fatalities and potential losses due to pests, unpredictable weather and other adverse effects of climate change. Getting agriculture, farm and tractor cover provides you and your family peace of mind in the knowledge that you are protected if something goes wrong on your farm.

Farm insurance covers a wide range of risks associated with the farming business, from farm property and produce, to liabilities and replacement of income. AOR can assist you in finding a farm policy that provides tailored cover for your needs and covers farm properties such as your farmhouse and buildings, contents, livestock, machinery, produce and water tanks. Farm cover can also be designed to insure your vehicles and motorised equipment including tractors, loaders, and vehicles. Farm policies can include cover for income replacement due to business interruption or personal accident. A good farm policy provider should provide you with extra cover for employer’s liability in case a visitor or worker suffers an injury at your farm.


Home Insurance Broker and Household

home insurance brokers

Do you live in your own home or have a second holiday home? If so, then you definitely need to protect the property with Home Insurance, House cover. Tenants, renting in Dublin City for example, too need home insurance to ensure that their possessions are protected against theft or damage. If you are a landlord, you need a landlord’s insurance policy to protect your valuable investment. Home insurance broker cover includes the following types of cover:

• Protection for your Home and its Contents

• Landlords Insurance

• Cover for your Holiday Home

• Renter’s Insurance

• Multi-Year Home Cover

Getting a good home insurance broker-provided policy with the help of a broker gives you peace of mind that you are financially protected should the unthinkable happen to your property.


Garage, Mechanic, Motor Trade / Dealer

These insurance policies are tailored to businesses and people who work in the motor trade industry, including car dealers and garage owners. Garage, Mechanic, Motor Trade / Dealer Insurance provides customised insurance solutions for a wide variety of car dealership and garage needs. It covers all types of car related businesses from brand car dealers to small mechanics who repair cars from home based garages. The policy also covers car valeters, tyre and exhaust fitters, windscreen fitters and crash repair specialists. Whatever motor trade business you engage in you need this cover to protect your business in the unfortunate event of damage or loss. Garage and mechanic cover delivers the security you need allowing you to work with confidence on your customer’s vehicles.


Convenience Shop/ Store

If you run a retail outlet, store or shop, then you need tailored Commercial, Shop, Retail, Wholesalers cover for the wide variety of products you deal in. Convenience Shop or Store cover includes “non-standard” risks including flat-roofed premises, startup businesses, fire and flood damage and much more. Most convenience stores hold a large inventory of products and cash that is often left at the store overnight especially on weekends when banks are closed. It is therefore important to ensure that your store has the right financial protection in case you fall victim to a break-in or robbery. You’ll also need to protect your business from claims made by customers resulting from accidents on your business premises. Convenience store owners are advised to consult good brokers to get the right type and level of shop or store cover in Dublin.


Retail and Office

Doctors, accountants, solicitors, and any business that runs its operations from single or multiple offices need office cover to protect their businesses from potential losses or damages. This type of cover offers the following types of protection:

• Property and Material Damage due to Fire, Theft, Floods or Accident

• Interruption of Business and the Consequential Financial Loss due to Material Damage or Fire

• Business Liabilities due to claims made against the business by Third Parties or Employees

• Loss of Business Cash in the Office or while in Transit

• Cover for Office Equipment including Mobile Devices, Computers and Laptops

The cost of your office policy will depend on the type of business you run, the location of your office, and the items covered by the policy.


Commercial and Business

Business and commercial insurance provides innovative solutions tailored to suit the unique needs of your business. This type of cover is available for a wide spectrum of businesses including retailers, property owners, office professionals, SMEs, start-ups and large established companies.

You can even get business products that focus on your specialist or niche area of operation. The cover helps you to secure your business from a wide range of potentially harmful situations including business interruption leading to loss of income, employer’s liability claims, property liability, damage caused to the business by fire, storm, flood, or even burst pipes, and loss due to theft.

A business policy comes with all or any of the following covers:

• Commercial Property Insurance for Material Damage, Loss of Money and Business Interruption

• Employer’s Liability

• Public / Product Liability

• Van or Car cover – if your business owns a car or a fleet of vans.

Businesses all over the world, including Ireland, face numerous risks on a daily basis. It’s more prominent even in cities like Dublin. It is important to ensure that your precious enterprise is financially protected against any form of loss or interruption.

Public Liability

Liability or Public Liability Insurance protects a business or an insured individual from legal liabilities to third parties as a result of physical injury and damage to material property connected to the insured business.

We can never predict when an accident will happen at our businesses or workplace so it is very important for every business to have a public liability cover. This form of protection gives you a safety net when your livelihood or business is at risk due to liability claims.

This type of policy includes both product liability and employer’s liability cover. Product liability insurance covers a wide range of liability claims for bodily injury, illness, death, damages and other expenses a customer may incur from purchasing a defective product or service from your business. Employer’s liability gives you a financial cover if you or your business is legally liable for injury, illness, death, or damage an employee suffers while working at your company.


Product Liability and Employer’s Liability

We can never predict when an accident will happen at our business or workplace so it is critically important that every business ensure they have adequate public liability cover.

This form of policy gives you a safety net when your livelihood or business is at risk due to liability claims.

This type of policy includes both product liability and employer’s liability insurance cover

Product liability covers a wide range of liability claims for bodily injury, illness, death, damages, and other expenses a customer may incur after buying a defective product or service from your business. Employer’s liability gives you a financial cover if you or your business is legally liable for injury, illness, death, or damage an employee suffers while working at your company.


Professional Indemnity

If you run a business where clients rely on your professional advice for their well being then you need to get professional indemnity cover. Why? If you were to unknowingly make a professional mistake or fail to do or see something important in the course of your duties you could potentially cause financial damage to your client and be held legally liable for it.

The good news is that professional indemnity insurance covers your legal costs while defending your actions and the costs a court may award to your client if you are found to be liable. Public liability protects an insured business or individual from legal liabilities to third parties as a result of physical injury and damage to material property connected to the insured business.

Professional indemnity insurance is highly recommended for professionals in the following industries:

• Law Firms

• Accountants and Investment Consultants

• Architects, Engineers & Construction Companies

• Marketing Consulting Firms

• Digital Marketing, SEO and Online Reputation Management Companies

• Call Centres, E-commerce and Publishing Firms

• Employment Agencies in rural Ireland and in cities of Dublin, Cavan, Galway, Cork and Limerick

• Professionals who dispense advice on any field of life.

Most professionals face liability cases every so often. This is why it is important to have professional indemnity insurance to help you cover costs of defending yourself and any award the court may grant the plaintiff.


Cafe and Restaurant

Do you run a cafe or restaurant business? You need to protect the business with the right policy. Cafe and restaurant policies cover a wide range of risks associated with your business from property damage to public and employer’s liability claims. Restaurant & Takeway Insurance, Pub, Cafe, Leisure insurance also has you covered against business interruption due to unforeseen damages and legal expenses after a client or customer files a lawsuit against your business. It may also come with some or all of the following covers:

• Material Damage Cover

• Tenants Improvement Cover

• Stock, Glass and Content Cover

• Cover for Loss of Liquor License

• Theft by Employee Cover

• Accidental Damage Cover

• Business Interruption Cover

• Food Poisoning Cover

• Cover for Stock Deterioration

• Legal Protection against Lawsuits

Run your food and drinks business with confidence by investing in a cafe and restaurant policy.<

Restaurant and Takeaway Food

The fast food preparation and delivery industry is not without its share of inherent risks and losses. If you have a business in the takeaway food sector then your best option is to purchase a takeaway policy designed specifically to cater to your precise needs and to protect your business against potential damage, losses, and liability lawsuits from staff and customers. This type of cover combines several aspects of different cover including public liability, employer’s liability, business, and many more depending on the nature and size of your takeaway business to deliver the correct package for you. It is specifically designed to cater for different types of takeaway businesses including:

• Traditional Chipper

• Italian Takeaways

• Indian Takeaways

• Chinese Takeaways

• Pizza Delivery Services

• And many more

A good broker will help you find the best food take-away cover package that suits the unique needs of your business. With a takeaway policy, you can run your business with peace of mind knowing you are financially covered against any eventuality.


Festival, Event and Community Event

If you are organising a community event, farmers market, charity show, festival, concert or show, you may like to cover yourself with Community, Festival and Event Insurance in order to protect against liability, unforeseen events, equipment damage and any undesirable outcome that may lead to cancellation or abandonment of the event.

When organising a small fundraiser, wedding or even a large public gathering like a summer festival it is vital to ensure you have the correct cover for the event. Community event cover is designed to provide the tailored cover required for these gatherings. It is advised that you consult an experienced agent to help determine the best community event package for you and arrive at the most competitive price available on the market. It is often difficult to get the right community event cover that suits the unique needs of your function if you are not experienced in such matters. Your best option is to enlist the services of a broker with years of experience in the industry.

There are many types of cover involved in a community event package including public liability, volunteers cover, property policies, adverse weather cover, cancellation & abandonment cover and money cover policies.

Remember anything could go wrong in your event so make sure you are financially covered with the right community event package for you. A good insurance broker will help you identify the best cover for your event based on your needs, whether it is a conference, music festival, concert, fundraiser, trade exhibition or any other community-based event.


Van and Commercial Vehicle

You need Van and Commercial Vehicle Insurance cover if you run a business that uses a van or fleet of vans and other commercial vehicles for the delivery of products. This type of insurance policy protects your business against damage and loss due to accidents and vehicle breakdowns. The market has a wide range of van and commercial vehicle insurance packages with numerous benefits such as step-back no claim protection as an added bonus compared to a general van policy.

With the help of a broker you can get any type of commercial policy that suits your needs. Choose from a policy catering to a single delivery van to policies designed for the commercial insurance of a fleet of vans or trucks. Insurance brokers are experts in commercial vehicle cover and will advise you on the appropriate type of cover that is correct for you and your commercial vehicle business.


AOR Insurances

Located in Cavan Town, North East Ireland, AOR Insurances has been in operation for the last 40 years. We are one of the longest-serving companies in the insurance industry in Ireland. At AOR Insurances, you can be assured of getting the right type and price of policy for your personal and business needs. We bring to you stability, experience, and knowledge in identifying the best insurance policy on the market today, especially in the current hard economic times.<

We provide a wide range of choices when it comes to finding the best and most competitively priced quotes. As an insurance broker who works closely with insurers, we can provide you with quality and competitive products tailored to meet your unique personal and business needs.

AOR Insurances has invested in the latest and most innovative technology that we use to research the policy market and deliver high quality service to our customers. You can count on us for reliable advice and policy services when you need them most. As a licensed and regulated agent, AOR Insurances (Cavan) Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.