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dublin canal walkAlthough, strictly speaking, we aren’t located there, Dublin is one of the most interesting cities in the world. It has a rich culture and an incredible history of poetry, literature, music, and of course booze. All this is evident throughout the city from museums, tons of bookstores and pubs. Here’s a list of 10 interesting facts about Dublin:

  1. The Name Dublin

Dublin means Dubh Linn, which is a Gaelic word meaning Black Pool. It was a lake that once stood where the River Poddle and River Liffey met and it is where Vikings tied their ships. The lake has since disappeared and in its place now stands the Dubh Linn gardens of Dublin Castle. What is even more interesting is the city’s official Irish name, Baile Átha Cliath. It translates to the Town of the Hurdled Ford.

  1. The Unique O’Connell Bridge

The O’Connell Bridge is the only bridge in the world that is as long as it is wide. The bridge was originally built with ropes and could support just one person per crossing. The bridge was turned into a wooden bridge in 1801, and later upgraded to the standard it is in now. It is famous throughout Europe for its unique features and is one of the widest bridges in Europe measuring an impressive 49 meters long.

  1. Dublin is a UNESCO City of Literature

Dublin is the home to many acclaimed literary pioneers. The list is long and includes Oscar Wilde, an Irish poet, playwright, essayist, and novelist, Bram Stoker, and James Joyce. Nobel Laureates W.B Yeats, Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw and Seamus Heaney also lived in Dublin. There’s no doubt that Dublin city has contributed a great deal of historic literature and as such, there are many libraries, publishing institutions, and literary institutions.

The city’s literary prowess has even been recognised by UNESCO and has been listed as a City of Literature. There are only five other Cities of Literature in the world; Norwich in England, Iowa City in the USA, Edinburgh in Scotland, Melbourne in Australia and Reykjavik in Iceland.

  1. 1000+ Pubs!

Dublin is home to over a thousand pubs! With this many pubs, Dublin’s nightlife is very lively.  Being the city of pubs, perhaps it is fitting that the world’s oldest pub, The Brazen Head, which has been standing since 1168, is in Dublin. One of Dublin’s famous pubs is The Oliver St Gogarty Pub in Temple Bar.  

  1. It’s the Home of Guinness Stout

Guinness, also known as ‘black stuff’, is a renowned beer brand that is brewed in more than 50 countries and can be found in 120 countries worldwide. It is also Ireland’s national brew. The Guinness brewery is among the longest standing businesses in Dublin. The Guinness Storehouse is the headquarters of the beer brand and is a major tourist attraction in Dublin. Despite the massive growth of the beer brand, it’s probably not moving its headquarters soon, due to its one-of-a-kind 9,000-year lease, which expires in 10,759.

  1. The Dublin Mountains Aren’t Mountains After All

The so-called Dublin Mountains don’t qualify as mountains. They are not tall enough to meet the mountain criteria, with the tallest mountain, the Sugarloaf, rising to just 423 meters. If you want to go mountain-climbing in Dublin, you can cross over to the nearby Wicklow County. Here, you will find the Wicklow Mountains with the highest peaking at 925 meters.

  1. St Valentine, The Patron Saint Of Love, Resided In Dublin

Dublin has so many interesting places to explore, and one of these is the Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church. What is interesting about this particular church, is that this is where the remains of St Valentine, the patron saint of love, are stored. There is also a shrine in front of the statue, where you can light a candle. So if you are thinking of a romantic getaway, Dublin should be at the top of the list.

  1. It Hosts The Phoenix Park, Europe’s Largest City Park

Dublin isn’t just home to bookstores, cemeteries, and pubs; it also has the largest city park in all of Europe. Phoenix Park sits on 707 hectares of land, which makes it the largest city park in the world after Central Park in New York. The park is home to Dublin Zoo which is the park’s most popular attractions. Dublin also has over 2,000 hectares of amazing greenery with miles of hiking trails and walking paths.

  1. Dublin’s Twin Cities

Dublin is not just in Ireland, there are twin cities all over the world, and Dublin maintains strong financial ties to them. You will find these Dublins in Spain, Australia, USA, Canada, and England.

  1. Dublin Castle

Dublin is a historic city with several landmarks dating back hundreds of years. Dublin Castle is one of the oldest, dating back to 1204. The castle was built on the orders of King John of England.