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errors and omissions insuranceAn Errors and Omissions insurance is basically a Professional Liability Insurance but with another name. So basically an errors and omissions insurance stands for the same as a simple and commonly known Professional Indemnity Insurance. Just like Mam, Mom, Mum, Mama, Mamma, and Mommy. You got it right?

Errors and omissions insurance provided by AOR are policies will cover you – a Professional – against claims made by unhappy and unsatisfied customers and clients which had to deal directly with you.

That includes you as your only boss and worker (self employed or freelancer), you as someone working for a company and having to deal with decisions that will affect customers, or if you are all the time dealing by yourself with customers (and some of the cases pretty hardcore ones) Per example, you are a lawyer (which in that case there is another name apart of errors and omissions) they are then called Solicitors Professional Insurance (or Liability Insurance, or Indemnity), whatever you prefer. It is also quite commonly to change names depending on the professional career path you work at. Of course that there are errors and omissions insurance for doctors, but they are then called malpractice insurance. Which basically also is the same thing as insurance for surgeons. They take even more risk that the rest!

The type of professionals that give more us to an Errors and Omissions insurance are basically consultants, brokers, architects, engineers, solicitors, quality control specialist insurance owners and much more. People who basically if they messed up their job, it would take some notable repercussion to the pockets of their customers (and sometimes even more than that).

Normally as from starting to work the first day you should already have hired your Errors and Omissions insurance policy. Just as the same way that after buying your car -and first driving it- you should always have hired your car insurance. It doesn’t matter how much it costs (of course the cheaper it costs you the best -as long as it is a good and complete policy and not an useful piece of paper-) But don’t even think of working without having your own Professional Indemnity Insurance, because if you -whatever reason- get sued by an unhappy customer or affected ‘victim’ of your error… Well, then mate it will be too late for you to hire a Professional Indemnity Insurance… And that means that you will be basically hanging from a very thin rope.

Get yourself today your very own E&O insurance and be able to forget for the rest of the life about professional insurances. You will feel covered and you will feel secure, and that is what it should be more important for you. Not the fact that now you will have to save up 3 months more to get yourself a not-useful new iPhone 5. Try some online sites wich help you to compare prices, or do it better and find Professional Insurance Agents to give you the best price they can offer you without losing their jobs.

More information is available at our policy information page.