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Personalised Farm Insurance Cover 

Your farm is your livelihood, and you need an insurance policy that will provide appropriate good quality coverage that will fit your needs.  In today’s farm market, saving money is more important than it has ever been before. We have insurance policies that will fit your farm insurance needs whether you’re a dairy farmer or you are an agricultural-contractor. This leaves you free to run your farm, unworried about your insurance policies.  


Contact our Farm Insurance Agents today to get a quote on:

Advantages of selecting AOR farm insurance for your farm:

· Farm and agriculture specialists who give expert advice

· Insure tools against theft

· Cover for damage caused to outbuildings by fire or storm

· Cover for personal accidents  


Livestock Protection

Many types of livestock insurance can be had. These include protecting them from explosion, storms, fire, electrocution, lightning, and flood. On top of that, there is protection against injury while being transported or if they get out and roam around off your property.   Trailer transport is a related insurance which might need to be addressed. Injury while moving to a different farm or while taking the animals to market or to the factory are considered. The coverage for animals being transported is a separate issue and should not be mixed up with liability insurance.   Registered, pedigreed livestock can be individually insured against the event of death from injury or from disease.  

Tractor & Farm Vehicle Protection

There are different levels of coverage for your tractor insurance. These include Third Party Only, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Comprehensive Coverage. Also available are policies for drivers such as Insured Only and Open Driving.   Included in tractor insurance is coverage that will allow you to pull a trailer on a public road – but only on a third-party basis. You will need the make, model and year for the vehicle in order to get a quote, and you will need your drivers’ information. This is on top of your no claims bonus information.