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Personalised Farmer Insurance Cover Starting at €1000

Your farm is your livelihood, and you need an insurance policy that will provide appropriate good quality coverage that will fit your needs. We began insuring farms in 1964, and we maintain a farm insurance expert so that when you call in, you have an agent who understands your needs on the other end of the phone. In today’s farm market, saving money is more important than it has ever been before. We have insurance policies that will fit your farm insurance needs whether you’re a dairy farmer or you are an agricultural-contractor. This leaves you free to run your farm, unworried about your insurance policies.  


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Advantages of selecting AOR farm insurance for your farm:

· Farm and agriculture specialists who give expert advice

· Insure tools against theft

· Cover for damage caused to outbuildings by fire or storm

· Cover for personal accidents  

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Livestock Protection

Many types of livestock insurance can be had. These include protecting them from explosion, storms, fire, electrocution, lightning, and flood. On top of that, there is protection against injury while being transported or if they get out and roam around off your property.   Trailer transport is a related insurance which might need to be addressed. Injury while moving to a different farm or while taking the animals to market or to the factory are considered. The coverage for animals being transported is a separate issue and should not be mixed up with liability insurance.   Registered, pedigreed livestock can be individually insured against the event of death from injury or from disease.  

Tractor & Farm Vehicle Protection

There are different levels of coverage for your tractor insurance. These include Third Party Only, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Comprehensive Coverage. Also available are policies for drivers such as Insured Only and Open Driving.   Included in tractor insurance is coverage that will allow you to pull a trailer on a public road – but only on a third-party basis. You will need the make, model and year for the vehicle in order to get a quote, and you will need your drivers’ information. This is on top of your no claims bonus information.  

Public and/or Personal Liability

Injury, disease, or property damage to the general public or a member thereof that comes from your farm activities is covered by public liability.   You and all your family members can be covered by personal liability. AOR Public Liability insurance provides for you and all your family members residing with you, personal liability. For example, if someone is injured while playing a sport, he or she is covered.  

Liability for Employers Insured

Legal liability coverage for disease or injury to employees incurred while they are performing their work as farm workers. The Health and Safety Authority has many horror stories to illustrate how farm work can be one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, and why, therefore, liability insurance is an essential part of your farm expenses.   If you have fewer than three employees, you’re required by law to fill out a risk assessment document, and you much follow the Farm Safety Code of Practice. If you have more than three employees, you need to fill out a Safety Statement. Seasonal workers are included in this regulation. AOR Insurances standard limit of indemnity is €13 million. You can adjust your policy to suit your farming practices. Our farm agent will help you select the areas where you might need extra or special coverage.  

Cover through AOR insurance Employers’ Liability includes all farm family members over the age of 14, as well as extended family who might return to the farm to assist with busy seasons or to work on weekends or summer holidays as part of the standard family policy. This is a practice that helps in the event of an injury or illness incurred by a family member.   Your AOR Insurances agent is ready to discuss your policy needs to ensure that you have the right coverage for you. Be prepared to disclosed wages and the work done on your farm.   Not all activities will be considered a standard farming practice. In order to extend your policy to cover those, you need to tell us about them. They might include building construction, agricultural contracting or horse training, just to name a few possible categories.  




Cover for Machinery and Farm Equipment

You will only need third-party coverage if your vehicles are driven on the public road. If the vehicles will remain on the farm, they only need accidental damage, fire, or theft insurance. However, to avoid third-party coverage, the item must stay on the farm for the entirety of the insured period.   Trailers and tools, which might be stolen, can also be insured. Your tools might need to be stored in specified outbuilding with approved security standards to qualify for our policy.   Using a trailer to move livestock related to trailer insurance but should be reviewed.   Livestock that’s injured when being moved from the farmyard to factory, market or an outlying farm area can be insured. Keep in mind that this is a separate coverage for damage or loss, and shouldn’t be thought of as part of a liability policy. This is an important distinction, which cannot be over-emphasised.  



Protecting Your Property is Our Number One Concern

You will want to make sure that any new farm buildings are reported and on your policy, so be sure to let us know when you have new construction.   Too often, outbuildings are under-insured. You will want to select value sums that will allow for full reinstatement of the building. The contents of the building should also be covered. These might include hay, straw, agricultural implements, agricultural produce. On top of that, don’t forget about fire brigade charges.   Tools, trailers and similar mobile property can be insured against theft. Tool coverage is often restricted to those tools that are routinely stored in selected outbuildings on which standard security measures have been installed.