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Here at AOR Insurances we specialise in sourcing the perfect landlord protection insurance to cover a range of landlord applications across Ireland. For years we have successfully developed a range of policies that can be easily tailored to suit individual bespoke requirements and criteria. We analyse every aspect of your needs and offer first class commercial landlords insurance to suit you, your budget and your Dublin property. With AOR Insurances landlord protection insurance we supply covers you against liability claims in addition to buildings insurance in the event of a fire, flood or other catastrophe and each policy can be extended to cover a range of circumstances such as your loss of earnings, contents cover for fully or part furnished properties and more.

When choosing the right commercial landlord’s insurance policy, you do have to determine certain factors such as the level of cover you wish to take out and the extra cover that can be added to your policy depending on your individual circumstances. It is an essential purchase for landlords who value their investments, with many buy to let mortgages requesting adequate commercial landlord insurance policies to validate the mortgage application. At AOR Insurances we understand our industry better than many of the other niche insurance providers, having a vast knowledge bank and years of experience behind us.

With our extensively bespoke landlord tenant insurance, you can be sure that you can now find peace of mind that you will be able to purchase the right level of cover in an instant. What you are covered against is damage caused to your property by tenants, either malicious or accidental. In addition you can also claim against loss of earnings and missed payments from tenants. Our landlord tenant insurance packages also offer a level of protection in the event of unforeseen circumstances to give you as big of a safety net as possible.

Our expertise in providing the best possible cover to our clients comes from having experience, generating first class policies that have been flexible and well approached. Designed to offer swift cover and to deal professionally with all claims put forward from both new and existing clients, our landlords protection insurance is easily tailored to suit your needs and requests. Providing simple and unbiased commercial landlords insurance for properties of any size, you can now find excellent comprehensive cover for your investment.

We take our clients seriously, taking the time to understand different requirements and insurance needs. Administering a professional level of competency, our fully trained advisors and underwriters work to complete your commercial landlord insurance policy application to ensure the best coverage possible. Covering legal expenses should you affected by a claim and insuring you against such things as a breach of a tenancy agreement, unlawful damage caused by tenants and cover against clean up costs in the event of a fire, flood or vandalised damage at your property.

Landlord protection insurance is a must if you really want to protect your Dublin-based property investment. Within our industry we have discovered that rental properties are so much more likely to require insurance cover due to the higher risk that having tenants brings. With that in mind you have to be able to actively choose the right amount of cover for you. Our expert advisors will assist you in finding the best equipped policies that ideally suit your needs. Our expertise and knowledge in the insurance sector specialising in landlords and tenants means that you can rely on the informative and professional resources at our disposal. Providing excellent landlords protection insurance we have the ability to cover you against buildings, contents, tenant liability insurance claims and much more.

When you decide to change your commercial insurance provider or if you have purchased a shop, office, factory or a unit then consider a competitive commercial landlord insurance quote from AOR Insurances. Our dedicated commercial landlords insurance policies can be uniquely tailored to match your property’s requirements and your demands. As one of the nation’s most competent insurance providers who focus purely on the needs of landlords and tenants across Dublin and Ireland, you can discover the true potential of our ability to bring you the perfect tenant and landlord policies that will work for you. Further details on landlord tenant insurance and more are available here now.