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Insurance for Landlords and Rental Property / Buy to Let Properties

So you’re looking for great value Landlord or buy to let insurance? Our cover comes packed with the benefits you need for peace of mind, including:

  • Limit of Indemnity – €35,000 in Aggregate
  • Loss of rent up to €3000 a month for a period of 6 months 
  • Legal expenses prosecution defence
  • Nil Excess*
  • Repossession of property / Tenant Eviction (Vacation) expenses


Rent Guarantee Insurance

AOR Landlord’s Legal Expenses and Rent Arrears Policy provides legal advice and cover for legal costs should a dispute relating to your Rental property and tenant arise, such as cover for professional fees in representing you in a claim to obtain possession of your property or professional fees to represent you in defending criminal proceedings arising from your activities in letting your property up to €35,000. We will pay your rent arrears up to a maximum of €3,000 per calendar month for up to six months while your tenant or ex-tenant remains living in your property.

AOR Landlord’s Legal Expenses and Rent Arrears Policy cover is essential for landlords who want to maintain control of their property. Of course you want the best tenant in your property and tenancies usually run with no issues, however, when issues do arise unfortunately there can be lengthy and costly legal disputes.


With your new landlord’s insurance policy, you can expect to:-

  • Save time. Our quote agents will speed up the time it takes us to determine the most cost effective buy to let policy for you.
  • Speak to a human being. Our professional and friendly staff will cut through the fog and get your landlords policy live. Fast.
  • Get great service every time you speak to a member of our team. If you need to claim on your landlords insurance policy, you can expect the same speed and efficiency every time you need us.
  • Avoid middlemen, let us give you the optimum value for money quote. Keenly priced ‘peace of mind’ landlord cover arranged by our agents .


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Taking time to familiarise yourself by reading the guides will give you the knowledge and understanding on what to ask, giving you a more well informed buy to let or landlords insurance quote.

By determining the factors that drive the cheapest quotes you’ll be able to tailor the policy to best meet your personal circumstances and drive down the cost of cover.


Get Cheaper Landlord’s Rental Property/Buy to Let Insurance

Get greater value from your landlord’s insurance. Our top money saving ideas will help you to reduce the risks that can load your policy. Gain insight from our agents on how to get the optimum quote for your money, making your policy both affordable and effective.


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More On Landlord’s Property (Buy to Let) Insurance 

Depending on your property, we may or may not be able to provide cover as detailed below.

Covering such events as fire, floods, lightening strikes, hurricanes and much more, when you take your policy with AOR, you can rest assured that the right level of cover is meticulously arranged for you. With over four decades of highly valuable experience in offering the most competitive and cost effective landlord insurance policies, AOR have the resources to arrange the ideal policy cover for you and your property. There is no guarantee that your time as a landlord will go smoothly throughout its course and as such you need the reassuring protection of a valued specialist insurance company.

Landlords insurance is a specialist insurance, which naturally followed in the footsteps of the buy to let property boom. Over recent years, the rising demand in buy to let properties has seen the arrival of more and more landlords property insurance providers, thus pushing down premiums whilst continually improving the cover being provided. Making sure you have adequate landlords property insurance is paramount. The cover provided by many Irish insurers differs, so it is important you choose the landlord insurance product that meets your demands and needs. Searching for the right buy to let landlord insurance policy can often be tedious and time-consuming and as a landlord, you will certainly have enough to think about already. With so many different things to consider, choosing the right product can be confusing and sometimes nigh-on impossible.

At AOR, our buy to let landlord insurance product has been tailored to meet your needs as a landlord and we firmly believe we remain one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of landlord insurance. Our landlord insurance products vary and have been tailored to meet the demanding requirements of the modern day investor. Cover can be provided in the form of landlords buildings insurance, landlords contents insurance, as well as covering your legal liabilities as a property owner. Cover automatically includes Loss of Rent protection and can further be extended with value added products such as Emergency Assistance and Legal Expenses cover. In saying this, we genuinely believe our landlords house insurance delivers in both product and service.

Here at AOR, we offer a large selection of landlords insurance cover online; with many years experience we are able to offer cheap landlords insurance that meets your particular needs. Residential landlords insurance is essential for those that are wishing to lease their properties to tenants. AOR are pleased to offer all prospective customers an online landlords insurance quote within minutes, our landlords insurance cover will encompass everything you need whilst still remaining within your budget.

Our long running expertise in arranging vital residential landlords insurance has enabled us to develop a strong and professional reputation for delivering swift and competitive landlords insurance quotes for landlords and property investors across Ireland. Known across Ireland for providing fast easy and above all affordable policies for landlords of all descriptions, AOR understands the landlord industry completely.

Our expert landlords insurance quotes advisors and specialist team of underwriters offer valuable assistance and advice, using a vast wealth of knowledge, resources and experience to generate the perfect landlords insurance quote for thousands of landlords across Ireland.

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Residential landlord insurance is a must for any rented accommodation and failing to pursue the correct insurance can have dire effects on your circumstances as a landlord. As standard home insurance policies do not cover events involving tenants, you could find yourself in a mess if you tried to claim. With residential landlord insurance policies, they are tailored to cover a range of disturbances and insurable events, involving tenants or even unoccupied properties.

There are so many different types of cover available, starting with the standard residential landlords insurance that will offer buildings cover, protection against the normal fire, flooding and lightning events, liability cover and accidental damage to the property. Many other add-ons can then be purchased such as landlords legal assistance insurance and even property contents cover designed to insure furnished homes and apartments.

Discover the many possibilities available now with AOR and when applying for your landlords insurance quote online, let us bring a smile to your face when you see how cost effective our residential landlords insurance can be for you.

Landlords house insurance works in a number of ways – first and foremost in regards to the landlord is that it will protect your investment. As long as you have the correct amount of residential landlords insurance you can be confident that your property is safely covered. Having landlords insurance cover will also ensure that you meet you obligations, for instance the onus is on the landlord to insure the building that your lease is based on. If you choose to have contents insurance with your landlords house insurance, you also ensure that all items such as household furnishings and appliances are covered against damage. If you are looking to cover a fully furnished property with cheap landlords insurance then it is vital for you to protect your belongings with contents insurance.

If you require an landlords insurance online quote then we are able to help you, in a matter of minutes we can have a policy ready that fulfils your requirements as well as your budget. Your online insurance cover will be effective immediately and we will email you the policy documents directly to ensure that you have all the necessary proof for third parties such as mortgage providers and solicitors.

AOR is a specialist insurance broker with over forty years experience in arranging high quality insurance policy plans to landlords and investors across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Dedicated to providing a professional and genuine service to Irish landlords, we believe in putting quality first and our clients before that! When you are in need of affordable landlords insurance online quote, we are the one niche expert insurance providers who have the right resources to arrange affordable cover that can be tailored to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Understanding the insurance marketplace, especially surrounding landlords and property investors, whether you are a first time buy to let landlord, a time served seasoned landlord or an investor with one or several properties, we hold the professional knowledge and resources to allow us to create the perfect cheap landlords insurance policy without lowering our high level of quality assurance. Talk with one of our professional advisors today or apply online for an instant quote on insurance policies.

Our landlords insurance broker will ensure cover for our let property insurance insurance is provided for properties let to a range of different tenancies. At AOR, our landlords insurance caters for buildings, contents (optional) and loss of rent protection for properties let to individuals, families, students, asylum seekers, unoccupied properties awaiting an acceptable tenant, pending sale or undergoing renovation and DSS tenants, who currently receive unemployment benefit, housing benefit or disability benefit. We also cater for DSS Referrals (where the tenancy agreement is other than between the landlord and tenant)

Landlords house insurance cover is normally provided for freehold properties, however we also cater for leasehold properties, such as individual flats within a purpose-built block or converted house. However it is normally the freeholder who arranges insurance for the building. If the property is split into flats and the individual leaseholder’s have come together to form a management company to insure the whole block, this is also acceptable. Our residential landlords insurance is not available if the property is used for business purposes.

Our buy to let insurance cover for buildings is arranged by insuring the property for its rebuilding cost, and not the market value. The rebuilding cost is the total cost to rebuild the structure of the property, including fixtures and fittings, in the event of a complete loss, such as a fire. The rebuilding cost is usually obtained from a surveyors report or lender’s valuation report in order to meet their requirements. The internet is also a good source if finding the rebuilding cost is proving difficult. It is vitally important you obtain the correct figure before taking our landlords property insurance, as any under insurance may lead to complications in paying a claim.

In addition to obtained landlords buildings insurance, landlords contents insurance is normally an optional cover. Landlords contents insurance protects any household goods, furnishings and appliances that belong to you against a range of insured perils. It will not include the tenants belongings.

AOR also offer a landlords contents insurance policy in isolation, which is designed to cover household furniture, carpets and curtains. This let property insurance policy is ideal if you own the leasehold to a property, such as a flat, where the landlords insurance for buildings has already been arranged by the freeholder of the whole block and subsequently forms part of your monthly maintenance and service fees. Here at AOR, we were one of the first to recognise and offer buy to let insurance and landlords insurance during Ireland property boom. Today, we are still recognised as a leading supplier in providing specialist landlords buildings insurance and landlords contents insurance to Irish property owners.

The term ‘specialist’ means, unlike other providers, our insurance products are underwritten specifically with you in mind. Our landlords insurance products are tailored exactly to suit the much-needed requirements of our customer base, without cutting corners or any essential levels of commercial buildings insurance cover. The main advantage of arranging your landlords insurance with AOR is that you can obtain an instant buy to let landlord insurance quote, with immediate cover and instant delivery of your documentation – ideal for proof of insurance to satisfy the requirements of mortgage lenders. We also send a hard copy of your landlord insurance policy out by post, at no extra cost to you.

If you don’t like the idea of arranging your buy to let landlord insurance via the internet, we are also just a telephone call away. Our team of landlord insurance advisors will be on hand to guide you through your requirements, whether you are looking for landlords buildings insurance or landlords contents insurance. To those who are uninitiated, insurance can often be a complex and confusing business. With so many things to consider, unnecessary worry and apprehension are commonplace. Unfortunately buy to let insurance does not buck the trend, however our friendly sales team are on hand to discuss your requirements or simply to offer piece of mind by explaining and answering any queries you may have relating to landlords property insurance cover.

As part of our service commitment to you, on your authorisation we will fax or email your policy schedule free of charge to your solicitor or mortgage lender. If you are looking to speed up the completion of a mortgage on your property, hanging around for proof of landlords buildings insurance to satisfy the lender can often slow things down and delay funds being released. The real benefit in choosing AOR as your landlords insurance provider is the scope of policy coverage. Our buy to let insurance certificate wording provides insurance cover for a wide range of perils, subject to terms, whether you require landlords buildings insurance and/or landlords contents insurance. The cover provided by our landlord insurance policies or our commercial buildings insurance also extends to cover the property in the event of un-occupancy, where the property may be between tenancies.

One thing and one thing only, commercial property insurance is there purely to look after you and your investment, should a situation arise. Most property investors and residential landlords will say the same thing, which is no one is immune to acts of nature or bad fortune and when something happens where you need assurance that you are protected, having the right insurance can go a long way to lessening the blow and financial disturbance you may experience. With AOR, you receive possibly the best guidance to ensure total peace of mind that whatever happens you have an insurance policy that will offer more than adequate protection against possible contingencies.

Our insurance plans protect you against severely devastating losses such as fire, flooding, explosions, failure of plumbing and drainage, theft or vandalism to the property, failure to electrical or heating systems, structural damage as a result of a possible earthquake or subsidence and even lightning strikes.

One of the biggest benefits with choosing an insurance specialist such as AOR is that you can request specific cover to ensure that whatever use you have for your commercial property, you can have the right commercial buildings insurance to fully protect you and your investment. A range of bolt on additional supplements can be added at any time during the length of your policy and AOR boast a wide selection of addition optional covers which include such things as legal expenses cover and rental guarantee protection if you are leasing commercial buildings out to companies, small businesses and other organisations. Knowing the different commercial industries as well as we do and having such vast resources to use at our disposal, here at AOR, we aim to provide one of the most competitive commercial property insurance services possible. It is our aim to provide you with a swift no nonsense quote that allows you to clearly state what you need to be insured against and for what type of property. Consisting of a highly skilled workforce of professional advisors and underwriters, AOR conveys an excellent ability to perform quickly and efficiently to provide a fast quote and unparalleled instant cover.

Don’t risk any losses on your commercial property by not selecting the correct insurance. We are the experts who will fully advise you on the right insurance policy protection for a certain purpose. We offer policies for investors and landlords with single commercial plots and those who have multiple building portfolios, offering the same level of customer care and attention to detail, whatever your insurance requirements may be.