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AOR Garage Motor Trade & Road Risk Insurance

Are you involved in the Motor Trade? Are you working Full Time or just Part Time? Do you require full cover for your business or just Road Risk Cover? We can offer all aspects of cover for your Motor Trade Business.   We offer Motor Trade and Road Risk protection to drivers from the age of 21 years to 70 years of age.

motor trade & car dealer insurance

If you are a mechanic, an individual, a garage, or any business in the motor trade industry, AOR Insurances can provide an exclusive package for you.   Our motor trade specialist team understands the industry, and we can create customised insurance packages that will meet the coverage needs of your specific business.  


Whether you are a “shade tree” mechanic, working out of your own home or if you are a dealer for a large, name-brand car sales, servicing and repair company, or a car crash repair or body shop, we can find an insurance policy that will meet the needs of you and your business.   Our insurance policies for your motor trade business is tailored for you and for those who work in this industry. They offer protection for your personal vehicles, as well as for your customers.  


You can also cover employees while they are driving yours or any other vehicle in pursuit of your business.   You can also obtain a stand-alone road risk insurance policy designed for motor traders.  



Motor Trade Road Risks

What does a Motor Trade Road Risks policy cover? It will allow you to drive private cars and to operate commercial vehicles that you own and that are registered to you while pursuing your business operations. It will not cover those registered to named drivers, to your family members or to your spouse.   Additions or changes that can be made:

• Include Named Drivers

• Add a second occupation on the policy

• Insure a high-performance vehicle

• Add a motorcycle – if the covering company allows motorcycle coverage

• Look Under “Motor Trade Road Risks Only Cover” for added information  



Combined Garage Insurance policies

Businesses needing full insurance cover can use Combined Garage Insurance policies, which provides full insurance coverage including:

• Dealers – main, and non-main, who are involved in sales, or servicing of light commercial vehicles or private cars

• Dealers – main, and non-main, involved in sales and servicing of plant and heavy goods vehicles

• Mechanical Repair Garages

• Specialist Dealers

• Distribution of vehicles, including importing and exporting

• Distribution of vehicles at end of life  




If your business includes specialties such as windscreen centres, garages for mechanical repair, or specialist who do auto body repair, we can provide motor trade insurance policies for you.   If you are in the motor trade business, we are certain that here at AOR Insurances, we can find a policy for y our and your business.   If you have vehicles that exclusively belong to your business, or that are controlled by your business or event that are in custody of your business, we have motor trade road risk coverage for those cars or trucks.


Your motor trade policy can be a customised package that ranges from insurance that covers only motor trade road risk, through basic coverage, right on up through a comprehensive coverage that can even include motorcycles.  


Ask for our policy benefits

• Theft, third party fire, and third-party coverage are included 

• Driver ages covered: 25 years, and up

• For use during demonstration

• Motorcycles

• Specialty vehicles – imported, vintage, classic, sports  

Ask about Easy payment plans

• Vehicles for Directors

• Theft & Fire Accidental Insurance

• Vehicles, customer

• Vehicles, Commercial

• Vehicles, leased or hired

• Vehicles, recovery or transporters

• Vehicle, extension to drive 



What We Can Cover

• Buying & Selling of Private Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles  

• Mechanical Repairs & Servicing of Private Cars & Light Commercial Vehicles  

• Body Repairs & Restoration  

• Vehicle Recovery & Breakdown  

• Valet Parking Services  

• Part Times Sales & Repairs  

• Cleaner/Valeter/Windscreen/Tyre/Exhaust Fitter/Audio/Assessor/Engineer  


We will quote for the Insured and up to 4 named drivers as standard. We can cover vehicles up to 10 tonnes GVW, €100,000 in value as well as offering Motor Cycle cover   We can also offer a Garage Combined Product with a range of insurance covers including:-

• Material Damage

• Business Interruption

• Money

• Employers Liability

• Public/Products & Service Indemnity  


Call AOR Insurance today to get the most competitive Garage & Motor Trade Insurance quotation nationwide – Guaranteed.   Insurance for the Motor Trade – Insurance, Combined Garage – Road Risk Only Insurance for Motor Trade – Insurance for Tyre & Exhaust Insurance – Motorcycle Centre – Specialist Insurance for Body & Crash Repair – Insurance Agent for Breakdown & Recovery – Insurance, for SIMI Group Members Scheme