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Private Motor Car Insurance in Ireland

Car Insurance is a necessity, and with rising premiums, we will compare prices from leading insurance providers to get you the cheapest cover on the market .

Following AOR Insurance brokers’ ethos of always doing what is right for our customer, we will find you a car insurance plan that is suited to your individual needs, while including additional benefits such as windscreen cover, third party extension cover and breakdown assistance.

private motor car insurance

It is illegal to drive a car without car insurance in Ireland.  If you are involved in an accident your car insurance covers damage and compensation due to the other person if you are at fault and liable for the consequences of the accident.

Reducing the Cost of Your Car Insurance

The Irish car insurance market is now very competitive but there are still ways of saving money. Car insurance premiums are based on certain criteria, for example most insurers assume that the annual average mileage is 12000 miles and if you do less than this you should tell your car insurance provider and the premium should be cheaper. Discounts also apply if you don’t use your car to travel to work.

Certain car insurance providers focus on specific groups of people so using the Internet to shop around makes a lot of sense. If your car is garaged overnight rather than parked on a public road the car insurance premium will also be lower. If your spouse or partner is also to be covered under the insurance policy then it will be cheaper to name them rather than setting up the policy on an any driver basis.

Female drivers (believe it or not!) are statistically less likely to have an accident. You should also be aware that if you cancel your existing policy before a renewal date that part of the year would not count as a full year for no claims bonus calculations as only full years are taken into account.

Premiums even for careful drivers have increased over the years. This is because of a general increase in claims and payouts by car insurance providers. Premiums will also be subject to an increase if the standard car has been modified to increase its performance and if you use your car to commute to work in addition to social use.

Irish car insurance providers apply a band of groupings to all cars from 1 the lowest risk to 20 the highest. If you have an expensive or rare car then it will probably fall into the most expensive high-risk bands. If you leave your car on a public road or highway rather than on your own driveway or garage the premium will be higher to reflect the greater risk of vandalism and theft. An immobiliser, steering lock and detachable stereo are deterrents to thieves and car insurance companies will take these into account.

If you live in a city then your premium will be higher than if you live in the country and nearly all Irish car insurance providers will take into account the area’s postcode.

Your sex, age, driving experience and history will also be assessed. Young males will pay higher premiums than older female drivers. Your occupation can also affect premium rates with sportsmen and entertainers heavily penalised.

We can offer insurance quotations and policies that cater for:

• Comprehensive car insurance cover

• Third Party Fire & Theft cover

• Third Party Only cover

• Cover for Mature Drivers

• Cheapest insurance cover for Young drivers

• Cover for Provisional license/Learner Permit holders


Third Party Insurance

This type of car insurance covers claims made by others against you for bodily injury and damage to their car. It does not cover injuries to you and the cost of repairs to your own car.


Third Party Fire and Theft

  • This type of car insurance cover includes Third Party Insurance above but also provides cover if your car is stolen or damaged by fire.
  • This type of insurance may be appropriate if you have an older car that is nearing the end of its useful life.
  • Please take care when assessing the true value to you of your car if considering either of the above types of car insurance policies.
  • Comprehensive insurance covers all of the above (Third Party Insurance and Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance) plus accidental damage to your own car and is the most common form of car insurance in Ireland.



The excess is the portion of the claim that you have to pay yourself if you are involved in an accident. The greater the excess you commit to pay the less your premium will be. An excess can start from €50 and go to €1000 or more.

With some Irish car insurance providers an optional extra to a policy may be that you will have the use of a hire car if your car is off the road through a claim following an accident.

Legal protection insurance is usually offered at cost on top of the basic premium and this cover would assist you in the cost of pursuing uninsured items such as a personal injury claim and loss of earnings following an accident.


No Claims Bonus

A no-claims bonus or no-claims credit is applied to the gross car insurance premium and is based on the number of years a driver has held policies in his/her given name without making a claim on their insurance provider.

This feature is very valuable and depending on the number of claim free years and the car insurance provider a discount on the basic gross premium of up to 70% is possible.

The downside is that if you make a claim you will have to pay the full premium cost on the next renewal date. This is why some people do not claim on the policy for small amounts as having to pay the policy excess and losing the no claims bonus may not be economically sensible.

Please note that a no claims bonus is not a no fault bonus and any claim (usually with the exception of windscreen damage) will be taken into account.

Protected No Claims Bonus

For the cost of a modest additional premium it is possible to insure yourself against loss of the bonus. Most Irish car insurance providers will offer a protected no claims bonus which works on the basis that your bonus will not be affected should you make up to two claims in a three year period.

Normal qualifications include at least four years existing no claims history and all drivers must be aged 21 and over and they themselves should have a no claims history.

Guaranteed No Claims Bonus

Some Irish car insurance providers allow you to guarantee your no claims bonus which means no matter how many times you claim you will not lose the no claims bonus. The cost of this is 15/20% of your car insurance premium and other conditions may apply.

**Terms and Conditions Apply **

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