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Restaurant & Takeaway Insurance, Coffee Shop Insurance, Pub Insurance, Leisure Insurance

AOR Insurance brokers can offer cover for the following:

• Restaurant & Takeaway Insurance

• Coffee Shop Insurance

• Sandwich Bar Insurance

• Chinese / Indian / Ethnic Restaurant Insurance

• Public House Insurance

• Leisure / Entertainment Insurance

Restaurant and Takeaway Insurance covers several areas including:

• Material Damage –

Covers your Buildings, Contents, Fixtures Fittings and Stock of your business against loss or damage, business interruption or loss of rent.

• Employers Liability –

Covers eventualities which includes any Third Party who suffers, loss, damage Injury or death due to your negligence whilst carrying out activities in connection with your business.

• Public Liability –

Covers eventualities which includes any Third Party who suffers, loss, damage injury or death due to your negligence whilst carrying out activities in connection with your business.

• Products Liability –

Covers your Legal liability in the event of accident or injury to third parties due to the sale or supply of goods.

Just like so many types of properties, restaurant, cafe or takeaways are also required to be insured. The insurance which safeguards a restaurant, cafe or takeaway against damages is called restaurant insurance. Damages may take place because of unforeseen events like fire, explosion etc. Also, if the owner suffers some financial losses, insurance provides cover for these losses.

Restaurant, cafe or takeaway insurance is almost mandatory for restaurant owners. It is always recommended to the owners to buy an appropriate type of insurance for their workplace. This implies that the insurance amount must be adequate enough so that all types of losses and damages are covered. A restaurant owner must never go in for over-insurance or under-insurance as these may cause problems when the insurance policy is claimed.

There are a large number of specialist insurance companies that offer such type of insurance. Some insurance companies also have their presence on the internet. The basic policy offered by all companies is the same but the benefits offered maybe different. Also the price at which the business insurance policy is offered may vary. It is therefore important that the owner compares the various restaurant insurance policies available. The policies can be compared on the basis of many factors. Once this is done, the owner will get the best plan available. The owner will then be able to buy the insurance plan which meets all the needs.

The company from which the business insurance plan has to be bought must be selected carefully. The restaurant, cafe or takeaway owner must:

Make a background check into the company to ensure that the company is a reputed one and will provide the best plan.

Ensure that the company is a genuine one if one chooses to buy a policy from an online restaurant insurance company. This is because there are several fraudulent companies on the internet these days.

There are several types of restaurant insurance policies available. Some of the most common ones are:

  • General liability- Public liability insurance protects the restaurant owner from claims made by a third party that falls and gets injured in the restaurant or if the third party gets sick after eating at the restaurant.
  • Property insurance- This type of insurance plan in case of restaurant insurance protects the property in case of some unforeseen events. The policy provides for damages to the property and the equipment within the building in case of theft or fire. The insurance plan may not provide for damages caused because of natural calamities like floods and earthquakes.
  • Liquor liability insurance- This type of insurance is recommended for restaurants serving liquor. This type of insurance protects the restaurant owner against claims if someone visiting the restaurant has had too much to drink and hurts oneself while driving.
  • Worker’s compensation insurance- This insurance plan protects the owner of the restaurant from paying for losses if any worker gets injured during the course of work.
  • Life insurance- This type of restaurant insurance plan protects the policyholder and compensates the family in the event of the death of the policy holder.

The owner of the restaurant, cafe or takeaway can take the advice of the restaurant insurance specialist before buying the insurance plan. The specialist can tell the owner what all to include in the policy and what to exclude. The specialist will also help the owner to understand the various factors which must be considered when buying this type of business insurance.

The amount of premium that the owner of the restaurant has to pay to the business insurance company depends on various factors. The factors include the total amount insured, cost of running the business, risks involved, the success rate of the restaurant etc.

Restaurant insurance must be bought by all restaurant owners as it safeguards the interests of the owner. This type of insurance is easily available as a large number of companies offer this type of insurance.