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Commercial, Shop, Retail, Wholesalers Insurancecommercial, retail, shop & office insurance

AOR Insurance has developed a unique insurance facility that can offer substantial savings for your business. With our own unique range of business insurance products, we can deliver meaningful savings & provide wider cover for your business.

We offer you a free, independent and confidential second opinion on your existing insurance covers and we believe you will be happy with the quotations we can offer you.

A Commercial Combined Insurance package is tailored for companies & businesses that are involved in the retail sector, wholesale sector, distribution and warehousing, as well as speciality areas such as Health and Beauty, Gyms and Fitness Centres. In general, Commercial Combined Insurance offers insurance covering Employers Liability, Public/Products Liability, Material Damage all risks cover & business interruption cover. Buildings and stock insurance would be offered as standard.

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Other policy benefits include:

• Fire, theft and storm damage

• Temporary employee cover

• Book debts

• All risks

• Fidelity Guarantee

• Legal Expenses

• Property

• Loss of Rent

• Glass cover

• Emergency services cover


Contact us for a no obligation quotation and let us review your existing insurance cover. We also offer a free risk assessment survey and security check, ensuring lower insurance premiums and adequate protection for your business.


Property insurance is intended to provide cover for land, building, house or apartment against several damages. Properties that need to be insured are of different types and the insurance needs for different properties are also different. A shop owner may want to protect his shop in the event of any damages that may take place because of different reasons. For protecting the interests of a shop owner, there is different property insurance available. This is known as commercial, retail or shop insurance.

  • Compare insurance quotes online for all types of Irish retail businesses including but not limited to:Newsagents
  • Hairdressers
  • Beauty Salons
  • Nail Parlours
  • Corner Shop
  • Barbers
  • Grocers
  • Bicycle shop
  • Hardware / DIY store
  • Electronic and white goods
  • Sweet shop
  • Clothes/Fashion Retailers
  • Fashion Boutique

Shop or retail insurance is easily available from many different sources. There are many business insurance companies online and offline which offer this type of insurance at very reasonable prices.


One can select the insurance company which one feels is the best. This decision is influenced by many factors. The first and the foremost factor is the reputation of the company. The shop owner must always select a company that has good reputation in the market and has good credentials.


The next factor is the number of years that the company has been in business. It must be ensured that the proprietor of the shop selects a company which has experience in providing insurance policies to the clients.


Another factor which influences the decision to choose an insurance company is the price at which the company offers the policy and benefits offered. In general, the company which offers an insurance plan at reasonable prices along with several benefits must be selected.


Before buying a shop insurance policy, the owner of the shop must compare the quotes from different business insurance companies.


The quotes can be compared on the basis of the cost, benefits and other factors. One must select the shop insurance cover which suits the needs of the shop owner. Also the shop owner must make sure that an appropriate amount is insured. The owner must never over-insure or underinsure as this may cause problems later when the policy is claimed.


Commercial insurance generally offers the following coverage:


Building- This type of insurance compensates the shop owner if any damage is done to the building in case of unforeseen events like fire, explosion and theft etc.


Contents- Under this, the contents of the shop are safeguarded against damages. In case, the contents like furniture, fittings and electrical equipment get destroyed in an unforeseen event, the insurance company pays for the damage to the owner.
Stock- The insurance policy also provides cover for the stock that is present in the shop and gets damaged because of an unforeseen event.


Glass breakage- This type of insurance also provides for glass breakage. The insurance company pays for the expenses incurred on repairing or replacing of the broken glass that gets damaged because of some accident or theft.


Burglary- In case there is a burglary in the shop and cash gets stolen, the insurance company pays for the loss thus incurred.
Cash in transit- The shop owner may sometimes require cash to be deposited in the banks. In case the cash gets stolen while it is in transit, the insurance company pays for the loss.


Damage to signboards- The insurance company is liable to pay for the damages that occur to signboards that are displayed within the premises of the shop.


Fidelity- Covers losses that are incurred because of the unfaithful acts of the employees of the shop.


Public liability insurance cover- In case, someone gets injured in the shop premises and asks for compensation, the insurance company pays for the expenses so incurred.


Retail insurance covers losses that a shop owner incurs in case of unforeseen events. This is very beneficial and helps in protecting the business against several losses and claims which may affect the operations.