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Van and Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Our Van and Commercial Vehicle Insurance Product is specifically tailored with you, the customer, in mind.

Sourcing quotations from a wide range of expert companies, we promise to provide you with the most comprehensive cover at an unbeatable price.

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    Cover can include –

    • Breakdown assistance

    • Courtesy van following accident

    • Driving of other vans extension

    • EU Third party only cover

    • Fire brigade charges

    • Medical expenses

    • Motor Legal Expenses

    • New Van replacement

    • No claims discount protection

    • Open Driving aged 25-75 with full EU licence

    • Refrigerated units

    • Replacement locks

    Call AOR Insurance brokers today to get the most competitive Commercial Insurance quotation nationwide – Guaranteed.

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      Please prove you are human by selecting the House.

      Van and commercial vehicle insurance is quite handy to have as life is unpredictable and we never know when we can get into an accident. This problem is further exacerbated if the accident involves a third party or not ourselves personally, but someone working for us. This is why it is important to be prepared for when that moment comes. If you are not, then expect to pay quite a hefty price out of your own pocket or your business funds. Commercial and van fleets, especially, benefit from this kind of insurance as the sheer number of vehicles makes for an increased likelihood of accidents. A good insurance broker is necessary in order to get you in touch with the right insurer for you. Quality brokers like AOR will have a wide variety of insurers which they work with, and thus will be able to connect you with those specifically tailored to your needs. Someone who just wants to insure a van or two will have very different needs from a company owner with an entire fleet of vans. It is also important to consider what sort of cover these brokers and companies provide. For vans (and vehicles generally), you will want to look for variety in terms of payment and repairs, including windscreen cover, breakdown cover, trailer cover, bonus protection, medical expenses, replacements, etc. Simplicity and convenience is another concern, and there is little point in settling for a broker who will make filing a claim a bureaucratic nightmare. Usually filing a claim involves calling your agent and informing them of the accident, and then comes the arduous process of collecting all the necessary data regarding the accident. This can take a while and so it is important to find an agent/broker that gives you sufficient temporal leeway to do this. Of course, ideally, you would be able to find one that actually works with you on this step. In short, a quality agent/broker will do their best to ease the potentially stressful process of filing an insurance claim. But by far the most important thing to consider when choosing the right broker for you is whether or not they will give you the most peace of mind for the best price. After all, an insured person is a prepared person, and a prepared person is a calm one. This is why it beneficial to look for a broker which will cover a wide range of possible incidents and be ready to provide you with the right insurer. Proper insurance goes a long way to ensure your credibility towards others as they will also inevitably benefit from this. You will be much more ready to pay off damages if you are backed by a good insurer than if you need for fork over most of the cash yourself. Good insurance is a fine blend of your own peace of mind and a consideration for others—two categories which very often go hand-in-hand. In the consideration of which insurance broker or agent to work with, this is as true as ever.