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professional consultants indemnity insuranceIf you have ended up in this article titled Professional Indemnity Liability Insurance then you are mostly interesting in knowing what it means -because someone was talking about that today at work and tomorrow you also want to feel part of the group and don’t seem like an ignorant- or maybe because (and most probably) you are in the search of your own Professional Liability Insurance. So, don’t worry, grab yourself something to drink -I’ll wait for you while you go to the kitchen or go downstairs to the 7/11- and once you are ready I’ll start talking everything I know about Professional Liability Indemnity Insurance.

Or also called PL Insurance (PLI) and most commonly PI Insurance (PII). But did you know even know that in the United States the slang for all this kind of insurances is actually Errors & Omissions Insurance (Or E&O Insurance). Interesting right? You bet! What all these “services” and protections basically do, is, yeah, as simple as that: protect you.

But protect you against what or who? Invaders from outer space? Your girlfriend’s mother? Your new iMac 2013 from getting all wet because that wakly bottle of beer you always sit in front of your computer and read Professional Liability Indemnity Insurance internet blogs? No! These kind of insurances protect you as an individual or “CO” from the costs of getting yourself a good solid defense against a claim done by an unhappy and unfaithful clients. We have already been talking about what exactly a Negligence claim was (or was it a Negligence insurance cover?) Anyways, let me quick explain you in case you are really new and didn’t have the time ro read the rest of the articles (wich we ensure you to do so, BTW)

A negligence claim is basically how they call a “simple” sue done by a customer of you or your company – who actually believes that you as a professional taking responsibility -should not commit any kind of errors, and if you do so… You must be sued and taken to court so you can get a harder life (if life wasn’t enough hard and sh*t like it is). What basically it may happen is that because – per example – Making your customer loose a bunch of hundreds of dollars, makes him automatically eligible to persuit you legally by making a sue against you. And you, basically can get really digged in your back hole by the big wooden cock of the judge and the fair american justice.

That is basically why having yourself covered with a good Professional Liability Insurance is so important nowadays and as it seems like for the rest of your days too.

Now please feel free to check all the cover options at our home page that with a lot of suffering we have written on this site just for you. Perhaps one day you will feel the necessity of coming back to this blog and leaving us a comment below the end up this article. We have already been giving free Professional Insurance Coverage to all of you in the need of help. And you know why? Cause we are also part of the small group of good people in the world. And of course, even if we are mad at you because you made us lost money (imagine we are customers know) we would not sue you. Of course not!