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Why Use a Dublin-based Insurance Broker for Public Liability Insurance

dublinPublic liability insurance is one of the most important insurance policies a business or someone dealing with the public should consider. This type of insurance is there to protect you and your business from any accidental injuries or death, or property damage suffered by a third party. It could be an employee, a customer, contractor or visitor that comes to your place of business in Dublin.

Our society is increasingly becoming litigious, and having a public liability cover will give you peace of mind, knowing you are protected, in case of any unfortunate accidents or incidences. For example, if you run a café and your customer slips on the carpet at the entrance and has a knee fracture, having public liability will cover the customer’s medical costs that would have otherwise been yours to bear. Public liability insurance should be considered for all types of businesses including a home office if you do have one.

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    Now that you know the importance of public liability to your business choosing the right public liability cover for your business is next.

    The insurance market in Dublin is filled with thousands of insurers offering public liability covers. To find the perfect cover for your business, you will have to wade through all the information these insurers have, and that can be frustrating and time-consuming. On top of that, insurance jargon can be difficult to grasp, and if you are not careful, you could end up with a cover that is not suitable for your business. This is why you should use a Dublin-based insurance broker to help you navigate the complex and diverse insurance market.

    Here are some more reasons why you should use an insurance broker for your public liability:

    Access to Multiple Insurers

    Insurance brokers do not work for a single insurer but instead, work for different insurance companies. This means that they have access to a wide variety of general insurers and underwriting agencies which specialise on public liability covers.

    Save You on Costs

    Most business owners believe that using an insurance broker will result in higher premiums for their public liability insurance. While it is important to factor in cost when choosing a cover, it should not be the only factor. Although you may be able to do your research and identify cheaper insurance options, you don’t have the same scope as an insurance broker.

    Since insurance brokers work with different insurers, they have access to numerous public liability covers. He can, therefore, help you choose the best cover that is within your budget and meets your needs as well. When it is time for your cover to be renewed, he can also help you to find the best cover for your business.

    A Personalised Service

    Unlike direct insurers, insurance brokers work for their clients. So they are looking out for you and not the insurance company’s interests. Their sole purpose is to find you the best cover that meets your needs. Your insurance broker saves you the stress of having to deal with the insurer directly.

     In the unfortunate event that you need to file a claim, he will manage all your public liability inquiries, claims and submissions. It is not uncommon for insurers to decline a claim due to incorrect information. Your insurance broker will work with you throughout the claims process to ensure that your claim application is in order. He will advocate for your rights to ensure that the insurer holds up their end of the bargain. For example, some insurers have been known to decline a claim even when the policy clearly shows they should honor it. When you have an insurance broker, you won’t fall victim of something like this as he will be able to identify the problem and address it.


    An insurance broker has in-depth knowledge of public liability insurance and can, therefore, help you make sense of the covers available. They can help you understand the fine print of the policy to understand what the policy covers and what it doesn’t. He can also help you determine what level of public liability policy to go for depending on the size and scope of your business.


    Although public liability insurance is not a must for a business owner to have, it can be the difference between spending thousands of dollars out of pocket to settle liability claims, and not spending a dime on compensation. A Dublin-based insurance broker can guide you in choosing the best public liability cover that is within your budget and covers your business sufficiently. With an insurance broker, you get personal service and have access to an expert in public liability, who understands the needs of your business. They are there with you from the right from the start to when you make a claim.